Personalised Diet

Based on medical history, individual requirements, the diets are easy to make, follow and simple.


No Crash Diet

Diet is wholesome - no hunger pangs or weakness. Uses scientific and medical approach based on studies.


Natural Diet

Promotes natural and chemical free atmosphere and diets/ no commercial meal replacements.


Food is as Medicine

Diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, acidity, constipation, obesity, hormonal imbalance, high BP, infertility etc.

Additional Benefits

1. Optimum Nutrition provides nourishment to the body at cellular level
2. Anti-ageing Improves bone strength, muscle strength and stamina
3. Skin & beauty benefits
4. Preventive nutrition for dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases
5. Increase in stamina and fitness- Healthy eating lead to feeling great, energetic, improves your strength and elevates your mood
6. Improves immunity



Archana Rairikars’ Satwa nutrition care provides right nutrition guidance to every age group.

1. Weight Management : Weight Loss / Weight Gain / Fat Loss / Weight Maintenance

2. Hormonal Issues : Thyroid / PCOD / PCOS etc.

3. Children : Weight / Stamina / Concentration / Immunity / Sports

4. Special Care : During pregnancy and lactation diets

5. Heart Care : High BP, Abnormal Lipids

6. Cancer : Prevention and during treatment

7. Arthritis : Anti-Inflammatory – High Uric Acid Gout/ Rheumatoid Arthritis

8. Anti Ageing Diets : Anti oxidants rich – for bones and muscle strength, stamina, prevention of age related issues like dementia/alzimers

9. Detox Diets : How to avoid chemicals and eat natural way

10. Epilepsy : Ketogenic Diet

11. Autism / Down Syndrome /Cerebral Palsy : Low Muscle Tone/ Hyperactivity related diet

12. Fitness : Gym / Marathon / Runners / General Fitness

13. Nutritional Deficiencies : Anemia / B12/ D3 etc. diets

14. Gastro-Intestinal Disorders : Acidity / Ulcer / IBS

15. Osteoporosis

16. Post Surgery

17. Neurological Disorders